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Lyric Phonak Hearing aid Review Paul A Melbourne Australia

Review Gillian Y Oticon OPN Hearing aids – Melbourne, Australia

Review Robert S Phonak Lyric Hearing aid Review –  Melbourne, Australia

Doreen G – Kew

John D – Kew

Ann C – Kew

Jo – Kew

Robert S – Kew

Margaret – Kew (Lyric Hearing Aid Review)

Jiang – Melbourne CBD (Lyric Hearing Aid Review)

Kim – Melbourne CBD (Lyric Hearing Aid Review)

Lyric Phonak Hearing aid Review Melbourne Australia

Cynthia H – Burwood Melbourne

“I’m so glad that 13 years ago I did come to Ear & Hearing Australia because their service is excellent. ….With the hearing aid I can now cut out the outside noise and hear the intimate conversation around the table. And the hearing aid is a great help, otherwise you just don’t go out because it’s too noisy.”
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Gabrielle – Melbourne

“I would recommend Ear & Hearing Australia to anyone with hearing loss. I would recommend them above any audiologists because they really take the time to provide the best service… its all about caring for people who have a hearing loss and giving them the support that they need and that’s what I saw from the minute I walked in the door.”
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Charlie – Melbourne Malvern

“I would highly recommend anyone who thought they might have a hearing loss or just want to even have a hearing test to come in to Ear & Hearing Australia to get their hearing checked and to ask any questions which he/she may have. Because let me tell you, it’s definitely changed my life. It has helped me socially, it has helped my family life, it has helped my career.”
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Ann – Melbourne Australia

“I’d certainly recommend Ear & Hearing Australia to anyone who suspects that they may have some kind of hearing loss …. Having the hearing aids has made a huge difference to me. I don’t feel so tired and stressed when I’m in social situations because I was always trying to concentrate so hard and listen.”
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Mr Andrew W – Carlton Nth, Melbourne

My diminished hearing was known best by my family and friends; I was the expert lip reader.

At Ear Hearing Australia I found a caring practitioner able to turn vague doubts about my hearing loss into quantified problems and provide successful treatment.

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Ms Julie K – Kew East, Melbourne

In February 2008 I finally got over my reluctance and spoke with Moh Dadafarin, at Ear Hearing Australia, about my poor hearing. I had known for about five years known that I needed hearing aids but put it off in the hope that the problem would go away.

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Mrs June W – Parkdale, Melbourne

It was partly due to my 5 yr old great nephew – Finnegan. Finn and his 2 older sisters were engrossed in being creative with the huge assortment of ‘art things’ from my teacher’s box of tricks. Finn approached me politely and gently in the kitchen “Aunty June, are you a little deaf?” “Yes Darling, why?” I replied. “Well, when I talk ordinary, you don’t answer.” “IF I TALK LIKE THIS IS THAT BETTER?” Finn’s reality suddenly had to become mine.

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Dr Stuart D – Blackburn North, Melbourne

As a client of Ear & Hearing Australia since 2004, I have been constantly provided with the highest level of care and attention to detail. Whilst “managing” without hearing aids in my life to that point, advice from friends and family at a time I knew my hearing was declining resulted in my seeking professional advice from Moh Dadafarin at Ear & Hearing in Kew.

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Mrs Livia C – Kew, Melbourne

My husband and I had increasing difficulty understanding each other, let alone the grandchildren. We couldn’t hear sounds like the clock ticking or the birds chirping. At family gatherings, we almost stopped talking because we couldn’t hear the different conversations.

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Mrs Margaret M – Echuca, Victoria

56 yrs young, thanks to my new ears! My empowerment and return to life….

It was the best decision I ever made to regain my life. I was retreating and hibernating from life prior to getting my aids. Now I am living life with a new found energy. I use to sit quietly in a crowd like a door mouse. Now I am enjoying meeting new people with no fear of not understanding what they are saying and I can participate in the
conversation and voice my opinions.

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Mrs Concetta T – Reservoir

Hearing aids have put the smile back on my face …

As a 97 year old I had accepted the isolation of not being able to hear. In fact I was not convinced that hearing aids would be of any benefits to me but thanks to the persistence of my Audiologist at Ear Hearing Australia; I can now say buying these hearing aids was the best decision I have made.

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Mr Victor C – Yarrambat

I am a 55 year-old male who has suffered industrial noise deafness.

In the past four weeks I have been wearing digital hearing aids. The change to my lifestyle has been great. I am now more confident when in conversation with groups of people. I am able to clearly hear everyone.

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Mr Wolfgang T – Croydon, Melbourne

After experiencing two sudden hearing losses within 10 years, the limited level of hearing that is still available to me is very valuable.

The hearing aids that I use to support my ability to communicate with family, friends and in my working environment have to function well and up to 18 hours a day to ensure that I can participate in all communication processes.

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Mrs Yvonne s – Balwyn North, Melbourne

I could not imagine life without my hearing aids …

My quality of life has gone up 100% since being fitted with hearing aids. My family and friends are also delighted – they no long have to shout or repeat themselves.

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Mr Raymond P – Kew, Melbourne

Since my very first meeting with Ear Hearing Australia I have been most appreciative of their very professional approach to the marked improvement of my hearing.

I seldom now have need for the phrase “what was that again?” in my conversation. My whole experience of the consultations, fitting and after care has been most supportive, with their “nothing is a problem” attitude.


Mrs Gwen M – Nth Balwyn, Melbourne

Having hearing aids has meant that I no longer have to ask my husband to repeat words that I have missed while watching television. I can now understand what my grandchildren are saying without them having to repeat themselves. I no longer have to “lip read” to understand what people are saying to me in crowded places.

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Mr Ron P – Balwyn, Melbourne

This is to convey my thanks to you for the efficient and courteous manner in which you have attended my wife’s hearing difficulties. You have been kind, thoughtful and patient and accordingly the hearing aids have been accepted quite quickly and to great benefit.

I have and will continue to recommend your company – Ear Hearing Australia – to my friends and others.

Mrs Jean P – Kew, Melbourne

I am in my eighties and until a few years ago, did not realise my hearing was starting to deteriorate. When I came to Melbourne to live I decided to visit Ear Hearing Australia in Kew on the advice of a friend who was most satisfied with the treatment. My audiologist was most helpful when I was examined for the correct hearing aid. I now have an Oticon Digifocus II and realise how much I missed prior to having it fitted. It was amazing to hear the clock ticking and the birds twittering. Conversation was clearer and going to concerts and particularly plays made so much difference – it became a normal way of life.

But – most of all the back-up I receive from the Ear Hearing Australia is fantastic – nothing is any trouble to my Audiologist when I go for a check up.

Mrs Julianne R – Belgrave, Melbourne

When I suddenly lost my hearing at age 39, I discovered I lost more than my hearing.

I began to feel very isolated and started withdrawing from social gatherings and friends. I also felt I had lost my dignity.

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Dr Jack N – Camberwell, Melbourne

My hearing loss originally dates back to my flying duties during the war. I have been using hearing aids for a long time. A few months ago I left the Audiology provider I had been with since I was first with a hearing aid and transferred to Ear & Hearing Australia in Camberwell.

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Mrs Merna W – Northcote, Melbourne

I can now communicate with my grand children and not ask their mum what they said to me.

This morning I put on some music and left the room. I put my hearing aids in and was amazed at the quality of sound.

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Mr Ernesto D – Reservoir, Melbourne

I take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for all the help you have given my Father, Mr. Ernesto Di Rago during his journey of having his new hearing aids.

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Mr Derek B – Croydon North, Melbourne

I must say that I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I am now able to hear TV quite clearly and at a suitable volume for non-deaf people, appreciate music once again and with the telephone option, am able to speak on the phone without any trouble. Nor do I have any problems now at social functions where there is considerable background noise and find I can join in the conversation quite naturally.

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Mrs Majorie J – Balwyn North, Melbourne

A hearing loss can be extremely damaging to one’s ego and confidence, however this can be assisted by seeking help and advice from an audiologist specially trained in this matter.

Quality of life is vital to us all, and I feel sure that the thorough testing and follow-up appointments given to me by audiologist, Mr. Moh Dadafarin, at Ear & Hearing Australia, Kew, are being very beneficial to me with my ‘hearing loss.

Mrs Norma N – Hawthorn East, Melbourne

Thank you to Alex for introducing me to my Hearing aid. My world had become silent, but thanks to you and Ear & Hearing Australia, I’m back in the main stream of life.

Thanks Alex!

Dr Garry W – St Kilda, Melbourne

I am especially happy with the extended service and excellent customer care that “Ear & Hearing Australia “has continued to provide after getting my hearing aids nearly a year ago. The staff is happy to give extra time and attention to answering my specialised questions, and also offered a Hearing Workshop which I just attended and it exceeded my expectations in depth of coverage and insights shared with all participants. I heavily recommend “Ear & Hearing Australia “to all seeking the best products and service possible.

Mrs Johanna M – Abbotsford, Melbourne

Four years ago I had to strain a lot to hear what was being said, and often felt quite exhausted. Subsequently I often withdrew from joining in conversations. My loss of hearing interrupted the flow of conversation. It was easy to both miss out on humor, and important communication.

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Mr Fred S – Camberwell, Melbourne

Fred has been a valued client of Ear and Hearing and hasn’t let wearing a hearing aid slow him down, incredibly together with his wife Barbara have cycled over 40,000km. As far as the hearing aids, are concerned they are really life changing in so many ways. For one Barbara and I can happily carry on a conversation whilst riding – not possible before.

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Mrs Ingrid M – Kooyong, Melbourne

I am very happy with the professional, friendly and supportive service I have received from Ear and Hearing. Thank -you all!


Mrs Susan H – Kew, Melbourne

My family became increasingly frustrated at my asking to repeat themselves. They said I should get my hearing tested. Ear and Hearing Australia were excellent, the various options were discussed and a lot of time was taken to get the hearing instruments to work specifically for me. I can now hear people more easily, it has tremendously improved my quality of life – I can now hear conversations and I turn down the volume on the radio and TV.

Mr Bruce L – Forest Hill, Melbourne

Like many I did not believe I needed a Hearing Aid, my family and friends mumbled I thought. After some convincing I went to see Moh Dadafarin at Ear and Hearing Australia in Camberwell. After the Hearing Test I knew I had a problem.

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Mr Christopher K – Surrey Hills, Melbourne

“Since the introduction of my Hearing Aids I can now hear my two grandchildren playing in the garden when I am inside and also when they talk softly to me. I can hear the birds outside and have good conversations with my friends. Watching TV now means the whole street doesn’t have to listen to what I am watching. And most of all I feel safer in my home because I can now hear everything. Thank you to the team at Ear and Hearing life is much better for me now I can hear”.

Mrs Betty E – Camberwell, Melbourne

“One of the smartest things I’ve done in recent years was to recognize that I did have a hearing problem and then to do something about it. Today, thanks to Ear & Hearing I have two hearing aids that have completely changed my life. I’ve gone from missing out on conversations to being able to join in. My social life has changed because I don’t have to avoid situations because I could not hear. I feel more confident when I interact with people”.

I have now reclaimed my life!


“Initially my main reason for getting a hearing aid was in the hope that I could enjoy music and movies more. Since my hearing loss was due to conductivity and it’s been 25 years since I used my left ear, music made the most impact since getting my hearing aid. I am still learning to hear again as Alex and Samantha ( Ear & Hearing Australia Audiologists) told me that my long term condition has caused substantial audio depravations.

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Mr Rowan E – Rowville, Melbourne

“It has been great to hear people, voices and the sounds around me”. ” I have been able to enjoy life more and not stay indoors”. I found the service” Excellent ” at ear and Hearing Australia. ” They have been great and are continuely improving and taken the time to listen to what I need”.


Mr Peter G – KEw EAST, Melbourne

“I could not hear what was being said and the TV and Radio needed to be loud, this caused confusion when conversations where missed”. After visiting Ear and Hearing Australia and being fitted with hearing aids, “I find it easier to follow the plot in TV programs and social situations”. ” I am impressed with the standard of service at Ear and Hearing Australia and will recommend them to others, the level of attention is first rate”.



“Imagine being a receptionist and not being able to hear fully. I was fine face to face as I was able to read peoples lips but on the phone I kept saying “could you please repeat that for me” My husband convinced me that it was time I had my ears tested, I think he was also tired of me asking him to repeat himself) I thought where do I start. After ringing around and without any success, I finally contacted Ear and Hearing Australia and spoke to Moh Dadafarin”.

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Mrs KATRINA N – PRESTON, Melbourne

“My hearing loss was slowly causing grief to my health and well being, especially since my hobbies involved music and dance”.

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Mr John C – KEW, Melbourne

Mr John C says that since having his hearing aids fitted “I am hearing sounds such as birdcalls, breeze, and leaves underfoot, pedestrian crossing alerts, and generally “life” noises, which I did not know existed”.

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Mr Warren M – KEW, Melbourne

“My hearing loss was profound in one ear and severe in the other, after suffering a spontaneous hearing loss. Three months later I was fitted with hearing aids by the audiologist referred by my specialist.

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Mr Lionel M – TOORAK, Melbourne

I have had poor hearing for several years, but would not admit to it until recently. It got to the stage that I was embarrassed both socially and at work – I continually had to ask people to repeat what they had said, and had the television turned up very high.

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Mr Michael J – KEW, Melbourne

“I have no hesitation in recommending Moh for both the quality of the hearing aids and the level of friendly and competent professional service he provides. After exploring the use of the various hearing aid facilities with only limited success, I am delighted to have been introduced to this new more effective technology, accompanied by Moh’s readily available ongoing service.”

Ms Julie Hay – CAMBERWELL, Melbourne

“My new digital aids are fantastic! One feature which has made my life so much easier is that my mobile streams straight to my aids. Many thanks to the kind team at Ear and Hearing which has been my hearing aid provider for 9 years. I travel for 40 mins to access this reliable company because all services, adjustments, mold replacements and appointments are covered in the initial cost. This is a significant saving, but also peace of mind for me; I know it’s an enduring company. I highly recommend them because their expertise, patience and after care, are second to none.”

Christina Peros- KEW,Melbourne

“Hearing the amazing sounds of the outside world is a wonderful experience”
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