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Assistive Listening Headphones

Whether you are using a hearing aid or not our wireless headphones and neck loops provide additional hearing assistance, meaning you can watch TV or listen to music more clearly at a volume that suits.

If you who want to experience your TV audio via your hifi system without being distracted by ambient noise or disturbing your environment, Sennheiser has the right solution for you. With reliable transmission technology, easy and intuitive operation, and a sound that can be adapted to your personal taste and needs. Here, Sennheiser’s enormous audio experience clearly shows.

Sennheiser offers, among others, assistive listening systems that work especially well with hearing aids. A stand-alone sound amplifier for a better situational comprehension of conversations is also part of the product range. Beside their fantastic sound properties, all Sennheiser products have one special feature in common: their outstanding everyday usability.

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