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Bernafon believe in a world in which people with restricted hearing can communicate again without limitations thanks to advanced technology.

Since the first hearing instrument was introduced to the market in 1946, Bernafon has been at the forefront of hearing system technology, responsible for many market firsts including the world’s first digitally programmable hearing instrument.

Bernafon are passionate about developing and marketing state-of-the-art, high quality hearing systems that enable people with hearing difficulties to enjoy authentic and stimulating listening experiences.

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Bernafon technology is designed to meet individual hearing needs and preferences, and their hearing instruments are capable of seamlessly adapting to the listening environments at home, at work, in social and in recreational situations. As a result, speech understanding is improved in every listening situation.

Based in Bern, Switzerland, and with representatives and employees in over 70 countries, Bernafon employs a large number of highly specialized personnel who are committed to developing intelligent and attractive products and services with passion and efficiency. With Swiss engineering, precision technology, and a commitment to individual service and long-term collaboration, Bernafon bring the benefits of advanced technology and services to hearing care professionals and hearing impaired people around the world.

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