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Siemens believe that hearing should be as natural as possible for wearers of hearing aids. That’s why they continue to develop and improve their hearing aid technology to deliver outstanding sound quality and the best possible hearing experience.

Part of the Sivantos Group, one of the world’s top manufacturers of hearing aids, Siemens philosophy has always revolved around improving the lives of people with hearing loss. Siemens represents cutting-edge technology and innovation, and a strong focus on R&D as well as on audiology is the basis of its success. The brand also offers the broadest portfolio of hearing aids and complementary accessories, fitting software, smartphone apps and diagnostics workflow solutions. Siemens hearing aids are available in more than 120 countries around the world. They have been on the market for more than 100 years and have a proven track record of introducing world first innovations.

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For people with hearing difficulties, something as simple as conducting a conversation can be a strain. Over a long day, it becomes very tiring. In recent years, with their micon™ and binax™ platforms, Siemens have made some tremendous breakthroughs in high quality binaural hearing, especially in difficult situations. With their latest offering, primax™, Siemens have taken another major step forward. Designed to deliver the natural ease of listening, primax has been shown in clinical tests to make hearing effortless.

And now, the introduction of Siemens’ new hearing aid brand, Signia, marks the beginning of many more life-changing innovations. With Signia, Siemens have started a new chapter in forward-thinking hearing solutions with expertly engineered devices that are almost invisible, highly automated and adapt to the user’s preferences. Signia stands for hearing innovations that are centered on the patient’s needs and deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction. The Signia product portfolio will provide a comprehensive range of advanced hearing solutions with life-changing technologies that welcome hearing aid wearers to the colors of sound. Because personalised hearing care is what really makes the difference.

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