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Sonic appreciates the value of hearing and seeks to help people find the greatest enjoyment from it. They envision a world where all people can enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life.

Based in the USA, Sonic has offices in 11 countries around the world and pride themselves on being an honest, friendly, and reliable company. Sonic’s creative, user-centric approach results in stylish, easy-to-use instruments that provide outside-the-box solutions. They are energetic in applying technologies and features that help enhance sound quality and promote better speech understanding, and are dedicated to delivering positive experiences and reliable products to customers.

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Sound that’s natural: Sonic believe there’s nothing more important than a user’s experience. They want people to be comfortable, confident and thinking about enjoying the world around them—not about artificial sounds or the mechanics of their instruments.

Speech understanding in noise: People value the words they hear, so Sonic strive to ensure that the nuances of speech are captured. They appreciate that true understanding involves more than just volume and with this in mind, all their technologies seek to enhance all aspects of speech while balancing them with other sounds in the environment.

Simplicity in everything they do: Sonic purposefully keeps things simple to help users enjoy their hearing experience: basic design, easy operation, nothing extraneous.

Style that stands out: Sonic believe people will enjoy their hearing experience more when they’re not self-conscious about a hearing instrument. So they purposefully design solutions that are stylish, attractive, and appealing in every way.

hearing aids

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