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To arrange an appointment at any of our locations or to make an enquiry please contact us at our Head Office or one of our conveniently located clinics. We offer the best independent advice on hearing aids Melbourne has to offer.

Operating hours: 9:00am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday

For the best hearing aids Melbourne has to offer, why go anywhere other than the proven experts? Ear & Hearing Australia, established in 1998, operates out of 14 locations in the inner-east and the CBD and is the premium choice in Melbourne Audiology.

Our University-trained audiologists are committed first and foremost to looking after the most important thing—you and your hearing. We are not aligned to any particular manufacturer, focusing instead on providing expert, impartial advice and hearing assessments before recommending the most suitable choices from a wide range of custom hearing care options for you.


Unlike many fly-by-night operations, we are a highly-qualified team of experienced Audiologists. We provide diagnostic hearing tests, electrophysiological hearing assessment, hearing rehabilitation, safe and effective ear-wax removal, hearing device fitting, maintenance and support.

We are proudly one of a very small number of ‘Premier Elite Lyric Providers’ in Melbourne trained and authorised to fit the very popular Lyric invisible hearing aid. Of course, our commitment ultimately is to finding the right solution for your specific needs, lifestyle and budget from a wide range of manufacturers.

Ear & Hearing Australia also provides professional, safe, and effective ear wax removal using a gentle micro-suction technology, without the discomfort sometimes associated with syringing the ears with water. Our Audiologists are trained to perform ear cleaning procedures using micro-suction and curettage techniques in accordance with all relevant Australian clinical standards. No referral is required.


While there are budget providers, unfortunately this means an inevitable loss of quality in the solutions provided. While our caring teams here at Ear & Hearing Australia compassionately cater to pensioners and various budgets, we are a ‘premium audiology provider’ in that we provide customised Hearing assessments and solutions rather than just taking a “churn and burn” approach to sales. The last thing we want is for you to describe your Hearing solution as anything other than perfect, so we take great care and pride in fitting you with the smallest, most effective solution your budget allows.

Our service does not simply stop with the Hearing aid fitting though, we provide as much ongoing service as you require, assisting with any maintenance issues you may experience and of course, all your future re-testing and re-fitting when needed. So you can dive back into your life with improved Hearing, safe in the knowledge that the best audiology team in Melbourne has got your back!

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