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Hearing Aid Prices & Rebates

Regardless of the cause, if you suffer from hearing loss you can feel reassured that there is a hearing aid to suit you. Today there are many options to consider, numerous styles and models available with a solution that will best meet your lifestyle, budget and your hearing needs.


To find the right hearing solution our audiologists take the time to discuss all the options that best suit your depending on the extent of your hearing loss, the style you prefer, your lifestyle and technological features. As a client you will need to choose an instrument based on your own very individual needs, circumstances and of course, your budget.

Hearing Aid Prices

Today, hearing aids prices can range from approximately $1,000 to $6,000 each, depending on the degree of technology selected. Several factors contribute to the cost of hearing aids, including: research and development; customization of each hearing aid to fit the needs of the wearer; manufacturing costs; and time spent with the professional who selects, fits, programs, adjusts and services the instruments.

Advances in Hearing Aid Technologies  mean that we now have many more functions in hearing aids than ever before; they come packed with many amazing features and are available in many different types and styles.

At Ear and Hearing Australia our audiologists take the time to discuss all the options that will best suit you depending on the extent of your hearing loss, the style you prefer, your lifestyle and  technological features. As a client, you will need to decide what instrument you want based on your own very individual needs, circumstances and of course on your budget.

At Ear and Hearing Australia we are independently owned and operated and not aligned with any one hearing aid manufacturer. We offer you best hearing solution from a wide range of different companies and stock all the major hearing aid brands: Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Widex, Bernafon, Starkey, Sonic Innovations and GN Resound

Rebates & Financial Assistance

Pensioners and Veterans

Ear and Hearing Australia is accredited to provide Government funded hearing services to eligible pensioners and veterans.

To be eligible you must hold either a Pensioner Concession Card, a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold Repatriation Health Card (or a white card issued for hearing loss), or be in receipt of a sickness allowance. Dependents of one of these cardholders may also be eligible. Find more information on Pensioners and Veterans

WorkCover Services

Ear & Hearing Australia is a WorkCover accredited service provider, learn more. 

Health Fund Rebates

Ear and Hearing Australia hearing aids and hearing services can be claimed from most Australian private health funds including Medibank, MBF, NIB, HCF, HBA and many more.

Private Health Funds

If you currently have Private Health Insurance many funds can contribute to the cost of your hearing aids depending on the level of cover your have. Ear and Hearing Australia consolidated a table of benefits of Extras cover offered by Australian Health funds for audiology and hearing devices.

Click here to view the consolidated document comparing benefits of Extras cover across various Private Health Funds

Click on the Private Health Fund to access the Individual Health Fund document 

ACA Health Benefits Fund

AHM Health Insurance

AUF Australian Unity Health

BUP Bupa Australia

CBHS Health Fund

CDH Benefits Fund

CPS Credit Union Australia Health

Defence Health

AMA Doctors Health Fund

Emergency Services Health

GMHBA Limited

HBF Health Limited


HCI Health Care Insurance

Health Partners

HEA health.com.au

LHS Latrobe Health Services

MBP Medibank Private

MDH Mildura District Hospital Fund

OMF National Health Benefits Australia

NHB Navy Health

NIB Health Funds

LHM Peoplecare Health Insurance

PWA Phoenix Health Fund Limited

SPE Police Health

QCH Queensland Country Health Fund

RTE Railway and Transport Health Fund

RBH Reserve Bank Health Society

SLM St Lukes Health

NTF Teachers Health Fund

QTU Teachers\’ Union Health

TFS Transport Health

WFD Westfund Health Insurance

Individuals should contact their health fund to check which benefits apply specifically to them.

Payment Plans – Hear Now, Pay Later

At Ear & Hearing Australia we are passionate about helping people bring their hearing back to life. In order to help those who can benefit from audiological treatment but are unable to cover the cost of a new hearing aid as part of their treatment plan, we work in partnership with MacCredit, who can provide a selection of medical loans to cover all hearing related expenses including hearing aids, accessories, tests and aftercare service.

MacCredit Payment Plan benefits:

  • No stress – the whole process is managed privately by Mac Credit consultants up to 7 year terms
  • Flexible options – any additional repayments or rebates from your Private Health Fund can be added back on to the Mac Credit payment plan at no extra charge
  • Fast, efficient approvals – Can be conducted online

macTo enquire or apply for a payment plan, click here or call Mac Credit on 1300 884 355.

Job Access Scheme

The Job Access Scheme is an Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) which helps people with disability (hearing impairment) by providing financial assistance to purchase a range of work related communication technology devices, including assistive listening devices (excluding cochlear implants and hearing aids required for general use), paging systems and telephone and computer hardware.

Assistance is available for people who are about to start a job or who are currently working, as well as those who require assistance to find and prepare for work.

The ability to hear clearly in some workplaces is critical to a person\’s success, productivity and safety.

For a person who has a hearing difficulty, an assisted learning device may assist them to communicate more effectively in the workplace. if this is required to meet specific needs for the workplace, it may be appropriate to apply for funding for these through the Employment Assistance Fund – otherwise known as the Job Access scheme.

How to apply for Employment Assistance Fund (Job Access)

Ear and Hearing Australia has been providing the most advanced hearing solutions and the best level of personal care in the audiology field for over 12 years. Our Audiologists have successfully fitted hearing aids and hearing instruments to numerous highly statisfied clients and are proud to be involved in the Job Access program .

Please call us on 1300 761 667 for further information. Alternatively, visit the Job Access Website . If you haven\’t used the site before you will have to fill in the registration details before filling in the online application. For further information and to apply online for employment assistance funding please visit Job Access website.

Tax Rebates

You may be able to claim a medical expense tax offset for hearings aids and other health expenses.

The medical expenses tax offset is gradually phasing out. Although the offset benefit has become harder to receive and is reduced, it may still be available to some people based on their taxable income. This tax offset for hearing aids only applies if your taxable income is less than $84,000 as a single person or less than $164,000 as a couple or family. If you earn over these amounts, the tax rebate reduces to 10% and the threshold for your medical expenditure increases to $5000. Therefore, earning over $84,000 as a single person or $168,000 as a family means you are eligible for a 10% rebate after your expenditure exceeds $5000.

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