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Other Hearing Services

Repairs & Maintenance

Ear & Hearing Australia carries out repairs and maintenance to all major brands of hearing aids. Most repairs are done in-house. However, in some cases the aid may be sent to the manufacturer. A loan aid may be provided while your hearing aid is under a repair.

We provide quality batteries for all types of hearing aids at a very competitive price. Batteries can be ordered by phone and be delivered by mail.

Pensioners and Veterans may obtain maintenance of their hearing aids and regular supply of batteries on payment of an annual fee (Veterans may be exempt). Find out more about services for pensioners and veterans.

Batteries and repairs for WorkCover clients are at no cost to them and are covered by the WorkCover Insurer.

Tinnitus Management

Our Audiologists are qualified in tinnitus management and have completed a full training in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), the most successful treatment method used throughout the world.

After a thorough case history, one of our Audiologists will perform a comprehensive hearing and tinnitus assessment. The Audiologist will then explain the findings and the nature of your tinnitus and discuss with you the treatment options. Next, the Audiologist plans the treatment based on the type and severity of your tinnitus and whether it is associated with any hearing loss. In some cases a referral to other medical professionals may be required.

Industrial Audiology

We provide services to both industrial employees and employers. These include:

  • Pre-employment hearing tests
  • Routine Hearing tests for employees
  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment
  • Supply and fitting of noise plugs
  • Workers compensation assessments
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