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IN THE NEWS: June 29th, 2017 Docklands News Editorial

In a recent article in the Docklands News, Dr Moh Dadafarin examines the many hearing loss treatment options available at Ear & Hearing Australia audiology clinics across Melbourne.

Dr Moh Dadafarin as featured in CBD News

What’s that you said?

Article Excerpt:

… Relatively new to the CBD, Ear and Hearing Australia is well established in Melbourne, with five major clinics and nine visiting sites, including Docklands. As a one-stop-shop, Ear and Hearing Australia offers hearing tests, electrophysiological assessments, independent advice, hearing aid fitting, tinnitus assessment and ongoing support.

“Proudly independent, we are not aligned with any hearing aid manufacturer. Instead, we give you unbiased advice for your hearing needs and offer you the most appropriate hearing solutions, hearing aids and assistive listening devices (if needed) from a wide range of brands for optimum audiological outcomes,” (Director & Principal Audiologist) Dr Dadafarin said.

“We have a team of leading audiologists specialised in all aspects of hearing loss with masters and/or doctorate degrees in audiology, with up to 30 years of experience each, employing research and advances in technologies to offer the latest hearing loss treatment options.”

Wax removal is another service offered on-site.  And it’s not the usual washing and syringing either. The team uses microscope-guided suction to safely remove earwax.

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