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IN THE NEWS: September 13th, 2018 The Age News Editorial

Our Principal Audiologist, Dr Moh Dadafarin, discusses how hearing aids can noticeably improve quality of life and boost confidence in a recent article in The Age newspaper.

Dr Moh Dadafarin as featured in The Age

Discreet devices can end those long silences

Article Excerpt:

… For the millions who suffer it, hearing loss can have a range of flow-on effects. Social and psychological consequences of hearing loss can adversely affect relationships, careers and overall quality of life.

“When you have hearing loss, it can become very difficult to participate in meetings, noisy and social situations,” says Dr Moh Dadafarin, director and principal audiologist at Ear & Hearing Australia.

“You have to concentrate to fill the gaps and so you can gradually lose interest; you may also, therefore, avoid those social situations. You might stop participating in your favourite activities, might lose interest in watching TV because you have to turn the subtitles on. Without knowing it, your life begins to be affected in major ways.”

Hearing loss can affect relationships with family. “It’s frustrating for your family and friends to repeat themselves all the time. Grandchildren might start avoiding you because they don’t enjoy repeating themselves,” he says.

Dr Dadafarin has seen first hand how hearing aids have improved the quality of his patient’s lives and their relationships. “People who use hearing aids generally see noticeable improvements in their quality of life,” he says.

A hearing aid can help improve a wearer’s relationships with family, grant them greater independence, enable them to stay in the workforce longer and generally enhance their self-confidence. “You’re more confident when your hearing is good,” Dr Dadafarin says.

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