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For removal of condensation from hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Each box contains four (4) capsules.

The drying capsule is NOT suitable for use in the Dry & Store Global or Zephyr drying kits – please use the Dry Brik desiccant. Please use the Dry-Brik II Desiccant.

Product Description

The capsules contain moisture absorbing silica crystals. Once the blister packaging has been opened, the capsule can be used until the golden yellow crystals have turned into a white colour.

Best used in drying jars or drying bags. Most cochlear implant users will have a small plastic “everyday case” which also doubles as a drying jar and includes a round slot for the capsule.

The shelf life of unopened Dry-Briks is 12 months. For maximum absorbancy, we recommend you do not buy more than two boxes at a time.

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If you ordered the wrong size or brand of battery, we will exchange them for the correct ones within 30 days from your purchase and if for some reason our products do not meet your expectations within 60 days from your purchase, just ask for an exchange for another product or a refund. We would love to know what you did not like about our product!

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