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Oticon Alta2 Pro BTE 13 Power

Oticon Alta2 Pro BTE 13 Power

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Product Description

Oticon Alta2 Pro BTE 13 Power instrument is a compact but powerful hearing solution. It targets severe-to-profound hearing losses. Alta2 Pro BTE 13 Power is a small, yet very powerful instrument that will provide users with high fidelity sound.

Oticon Alta2 Pro is built on the Inium Sense platform. Alta2 Pro provides its users with premium listening performance and can be adjusted to the individual’s listening preferences. Based on the VAC+ rationale and Soft Speech Booster, Alta2 Pro allows factoring in differences in loudness perception and optimizing the listening experience of soft sounds. The Alta2  Pro family styles range from compact in-the-ear options to a broad palette of behind-the-ear styles.

Alta2 Pro Family Features
Key features:

→ Designed for comfort and style – Alta2 Pro is all about style. It’s super sleek and small, and hides just behind your ear. If you prefer, there’s a model that fits discreetly in your ear canal where it’s completely invisible. You can choose from many designs or custom fittings that suit your lifestyle and hearing abilities. They’re all available in colors that match your skin and hair tones, or make a fashionable statement.

→ Designed to give your brain exactly what it needs to hear – Oticon’s revolutionary BrainHearing technology enables Alta2 Pro to be minutely tuned to match your unique hearing profile and personal sound preferences. It then delivers sound with the clearest, purest signal possible in a way that your brain is best able to understand it.

→ Oticon Alta2 Pro is designed for optimal performance.

→ Alta2 Pro lets you hear more clearly and more naturally. Anywhere. Anytime.

Please note – Price may vary depending on the style and type of Hearing Aid. 

Oticon Alta2 Pro and Alta 2 Features
Features Oticon Alta2 Pro Oticon Alta2
Fitting formulas VAC+, NAL, DSL VAC+, NAL, DSL
Soft Speech Booster Yes Yes
Speech Guard E  Yes Yes
Spatial Noise Management Yes No
Spatial Sound  Premium No
Binaural Synchronisation (automatics)  Yes No
Binaural Coordination (PB operations)  Yes Yes
Binaural Processing (compression)  Yes Yes
Personal Profiles 5 5
Frequency channels  16 16
YouMatic  Premium Premium
Transient Management  Yes Yes
Fitting Bandwidth* 10 kHz 10 kHz
Inium feedback shield  Yes Yes
Free Focus Premium Premium
Back dir  Yes Yes
Automatics Tri mode Tri mode
Power Bass Yes Yes
Music Widening  Yes Yes
Special Purpose programs (music, lecture etc.)  Yes Yes
Learning  Yes Yes
Fitting Bands 10 10

*designRITE and IIC only available in Alta2 Pro

Please note – Price may vary depending on the style and type of Hearing Aid. 

Hearing Aid Purchase information
After you purchase hearing aids at our online store one of our Clinicians will get in touch with you and book a fitting appointment for you. Hearing aids purchased online on Ear & Hearing Australia’s online store are not shipped to you. Ear & Hearing Clinician will fit your hearing aid and program it according to your hearing level during your fitting appointment.

Online hearing aid price includes: 

  • Hearing aid consultation, evaluation and prescription
  • Choice of hearing aid colours
  • Custom fitting & programming of your hearing aids
  • A review appointment to fine-tune your new hearing aids
  • A Custom ear mould/shell (if required)
  • 1-year Premium hearing aid batteries up to 60 batteries
  • Manufacturer product warranty – 3 Years for Hearing aids (12 months for Accessories /Receivers & 3 months for moulds/Shells)
  • Manufacturer Accidental loss & damage warranty insurance**
  • 30-day return for credit*

* Professional fees apply   **1 year-excess fee applies 

No further discounts apply to our online price


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