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Oticon ProWax Wax Guards

$15.00 $10.90

-Designed for Oticon hearing aids

-A pack of 6 Oticon ProWax wax guard filters per pack

-Grey dial works as a removal tool

Product Description

Oticon ProWax Wax Guard protects from ear wax and dust entering the canal section of the hearing aid.

Oticon ProWax also is seen on RITE / miniRITE receiver wires with S and M power levels, Power Moulds and with Intiga i and Intiga IIC. (RITE and miniRITE P receiver wires and Micro Moulds use Cerustops). Oticon ProWax is also used across the new Inium range of hearing aids, Alta, Nera and Ria (ITE, ITC, CIC, Flex Mould, miniFit Lite and Micro Moulds), but not miniFit Receiver wires (60, 85, 100) such as Oticon Alta, Nera and Ria RITE and miniRITE which use ProWax miniFit.

It’s not suitable for other variations of Oticon hearing aids.  If your hearing aid is an Oticon RITE or miniRITE please see Oticon ProWax MiniFit wax guards.


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