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Ria2 Pro BTE 13

Oticon Ria2 BTE


Regular Retail Price $3,580

Product Description

Ria2 BTE 13 hearing aids built on the Inium Sense platform. Majority of hearing instrument users choose a behind-the-ear model. Oticon Ria2 BTE 13 hearing aids are light, very small and almost invisible in use.

Oticon Ria2 delivers excellent sound quality and features two of Oticon’s four BrainHearing technologies: Free Focus and YouMatic. Your hearing aids will work together to give you a balanced listening experience for good speech understanding, even in noisy situations. Ria2 hearing aids can also be personalised to match your sound preferences to make it easier for you to follow conversations – and with less effort. Ria2 family styles range from compact in-the-ear styles to a broad palette of behind-the-ear styles. The style range includes the new smaller nonwireless IIC & CIC 75 V2 which fits even more users due to its smaller size

Oticon Ria2 Family Features
Key features:

→  YouMatic – Supports the unique hearing needs and personal sound preferences across shifting listening environments.

→  Using ConnectLine with your hearing aids turns them into a wireless headset so you receive an undisturbed signal directly in your ears. This will make everyday activities like watching TV, listening to music or talking on the phone a lot easier.

→  Free Focus Supports the brain’s ability to focus and prioritises speech over background noise through varying degrees of directionality

→  NEW Inium Sense feedback shield Significantly reduces whistling without compromising sound quality or comfort

→  NEW Tinnitus SoundSupport™ Treatment, tools and support tailored for individual needs*

*Available in selected styles

Please note – Price may vary depending on the style and type of Hearing Aid. 

Oticon Ria2 Pro & Ria 2 Features
Features Ria2 Pro Ria2
 Fitting formulas NAL, DSL NAL, DSL
 Binaural Synchronisation (automatics)  Yes No
Binaural Coordination (PB operations)  Yes Yes
YouMatic Essential Essential
Personal Profiles 3 3
Fitting Bandwidth* 8 kHz 8 kHz
Inium Sense feedback shield Yes Yes
Free Focus Essential Essential Automatics Dual mode Dual mode
Special Purpose programs (music, lecture etc.) Yes Yes
Fitting Bands 6 4
Frequency channels 16 16

NOTE: designRITE and IIC are only available in Ria2 Pro

* Bandwidth accessible for gain adjustments during fitting

Please note – Price may vary depending on the style and type of Hearing Aid. 

Hearing Aid Purchase information
After you purchase hearing aids at our online store one of our Clinicians will get in touch with you and book a fitting appointment for you. Hearing aids purchased online on Ear & Hearing Australia’s online store are not shipped to you. Ear & Hearing Clinician will fit your hearing aid and program it according to your hearing level during your fitting appointment.

Online hearing aid price includes: 

  • Hearing aid consultation, evaluation and prescription
  • Choice of hearing aid colours
  • Custom fitting & programming of your hearing aids
  • A review appointment to fine-tune your new hearing aids
  • A Custom ear mould/shell (if required)
  • 1-year Premium hearing aid batteries up to 60 batteries
  • Manufacturer product warranty – 3 Years for Hearing aids (12 months for Accessories /Receivers & 3 months for moulds/Shells)
  • Manufacturer Accidental loss & damage warranty insurance**
  • 30-day return for credit*

* Professional fees apply   **1 year-excess fee applies 

No further discounts apply to our online price


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