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Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic


Product Description

Simple and intuitive microphone for the teacher to wear around the neck or place on a table to pick up speech from a group of students.

→  Up to 54% improvement of speech understanding over other FM systems

→ Fully automatic – The new Roger Touchscreen Mic automatically switches from an individual talker to a small group interaction mode, depending on its placement

→ With its intuitive indicator lights and user-friendly interface, Roger Touchscreen Mic allows both teachers and students to actively participate in the modern classroom with ease

→ The compatible choice for just about every hearing aid, cochlear implant, and sound-field amplification system

Even kids with normal hearing sometimes struggle to focus in noisy situations. By sending a teacher’s voice directly into the ear, wireless systems like Roger Focus can help children with Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL), Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

To use Roger Touchscreen Mic with hearing instruments, a compatible Roger Receiver is required. Roger Touchscreen Mic can be used with the following Roger™ products:

• Roger Pass-around
• Roger Multimedia Hub
• Roger Charging Rack
• Roger WallPilot
• Roger DigiMaster 7000
• Roger DigiMaster 5000
• Roger DigiMaster X


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