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Rayovac is the World’s No.1 selling hearing aid battery brand with with over 100 years of skill and experience in the hearing industry.

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Product Description

The Rayovac Extra Advanced comes with a nickel-clad stainless steel housing to prevent rust and corrosion and a shelf life of up to four years.

The Rayovac Extra Advanced zinc-air hearing aid batteries offer higher power while increasing life. This improves performance in high demand aids used by people who are severely hearing-impaired, including digital and programmable aids.

High drain hearing aids demand greater air flow. Rayovac’s “Air Management System”, which combines the air cathode, diffusion control element, and vent hole design, provides consistent air flow throughout battery life. This allows the battery to access the precise amount of air needed, maximizing battery power, without compromising performance. The end result is a more consistent, better performing hearing aid battery every time.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you ordered the wrong size or brand of battery, we will exchange them for the correct ones within 30 days from your purchase and if for some reason our products do not meet your expectations within 60 days from your purchase, just ask for an exchange for another product or a refund. We would love to know what you did not like about our product!

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